Sell access to your GitHub repositories in 5 minutes

The NextJS / Supabase / Stripe / Tailwind boilerplate with all you need to Sell access to your GitHub repositories easily.

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The best technologies packed together in one boilerplate

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With Suparepos, you can easily sell access to your repos, launch faster, and make money.

Are you looking to market a SaaS boilerplate, a React component library, or a premium version of an MIT-licensed project? See how Suparepos can can assist you!

Upon purchase, you'll receive immediate read access to this repository, that includes this landing page, all ui elements and everything you see here, along with all the essential logic and information required to facilitate the selling process within just 5 minutes—mirroring the seamless experience you had during this purchase.

Then, you can effortlessly clone the repository, modify the UI or other elements of the landing page to align with your preferences, seamlessly integrate with your Supabase instance, and promptly commence selling access to your own repositories.

How Suparepos works
  1. Buy the Suparepos boilerplate and get access to it

    Clone it and customize the landing page to suit the product (repositories) you want to sell

  2. Configure Supabase

    Setup the database by loading the migration sql file and all other settings

  3. Setup Github

    Create a GitHub app for the Social Login and the long term token to access your repositories via API

  4. Configure Stripe

    Set up a product and pricing to purchase access to your repositories. They will automatically be shown on your landing page

  5. Deploy your customized boilerplate

    You can deploy your customized landing page on Vercel in one click

  6. Start selling

    Now you can start sell access to you own repositories

The all-in-one starter kit

Suparepos main features

We used all well known technologies to let you customize everything and sell fast.

Secure user management and GitHub authentication with Supabase

Customers will signup using their GitHub account

Powerful data access & management tooling on top of PostgreSQL with Supabase

We use supabase-js to connect the UI with the backend

Automatic syncing of pricing plans and subscription statuses via Stripe webhooks

Every change you made to a product or a price is automatically synchronized with the Supabase database

Automatic Pricing table generation

The pricing table, included the features list, is automatically generated from the Stipe pricing object

One time payments

We support one time pricing for a given product

Support for subscription based products

Sell access to your repositories on a subscription based manner

Integration with Stripe Checkout

Secure payments are ensured by the Stripe Checkout page

Integration with Stripe Portal

Subscription management through the Stripe Portal page

Automatic repository invitation upon payment

Your Customer will be automatically invited to your repository, with the defined access level

Customer dashboard to check all previous purchases

Your customer can login every time and check all previous purchases to download invoices or manage her subscription

Real time notifications on payments with EveryLog

Optionally, you can receive real time notifications on every sale

Docker support for speedup development

Docker compose up and you are ready to develop

Watch a tutorial video

Learn how the boilerplate works.

You only need a handful of configuration variables, and the boilerplate will automatically retrieve products and prices from your Stripe product catalog.

Here's what our customers said

With the Suparepos boilerplate, I was able to build the landing page of Validatefast in just one day and start selling my product.

Henry Ouang
Henry Ouang

Suparepos is an awesome boilerplate. I'll use it to sell access to a set of upcoming micro products we are building at DevInterface

Stefano Mancini
Stefano Mancini

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a compilation of frequently asked questions. This list will be regularly updated to include any new inquiries that arise.

Save hours of repetitive code, sell fast, get profitable

SUMMER SALES -  $150 off till the end of August


Unlimited read-only access to the 'suparepos' repository, including all future updates

$299$149/ one time
SUMMER SALES -  $150 off till the end of August
  • Supabase managed database
  • GitHub authentication with Supabase
  • Automatic syncing of pricing plans
  • Integration with Stripe Checkout
  • Automatic repository invitation upon payment
  • Customer dashboard
  • Real time notifications
  • Beautiful landing page components
Sell access to your GitHub repositories in 5 minutes. The NextJS / Supabase / Stripe / Tailwind boilerplate with all you need to Sell access to your GitHub repositories easily.
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